Baby's Kitchen Gift Set 3 PC-Hug More Baby Co.


It's not just about what goes on a baby's skin, but also the environment they're surrounded by: toys they put in their mouths, dishes they lick, and the hands their held by. This collection packs a punch on dirt and germs, and uses natural plant-based ingredients so you never have to worry about harmful toxins.


Baby-Safe Surface Cleanser

This pure yet potent cleanser is tough on messes but gentle enough for a baby’s high chair and toys. The natural and fragrance- free formula cuts through grime using antibacterial plant oils.

Baby-Safe Dish Soap

Made without the harsh detergents found in conventional cleaners, this natural dish soap is safe to use on baby’s bottles and toys. The pure and clean formula uses the power of antibacterial plant oils to effectively disinfect without leaving chemical residue.

Baby-Safe Hand Cleanser

Safe for both little ones and grown-ups, this multi-tasking cleanser helps clean grubby hands. Free of harsh ingredients, the pure and natural formula used the power of antibacterial plant oils like Witch Hazel & Tea Tree to disinfect while Aloe soothes.