• Bladder Strength 60 Caps-Crystal Star


    When Occasional Leakage Becomes More Intense, Help Support Bladder Urgency With Pumpkin Seed Extract, Cranberry Extract, Plantain And Wild Yam.*

    • When occasional bladder leakage happens, there’s Bladder Support. When it becomes a longer-term challenge, try Bladder Strength*
    • Bladder Strength is our extra strength product because it utilizes concentrated herbal extracts that support muscle strength and elasticity, while helping tone muscle tissue*
    • For prolonged issues, please consult a physician or trusted healthcare professional for optimal treatment.
    • Note: Bladder Support and Bladder Strength use slightly different herbal blends and different combinations. One or the other may work better for you.  However, in general, we recommend Bladder Support for occasional leakage support, and Bladder Strength for help with more intense urges.*