• Inflama Relief-60 Vegetarian Capsules-Crystal Star


    Reduce Occasional Inflammation And Soothe Minor Aches And Pains With Turmeric, White Willow, Gotu Kola And Uva Ursi*

    • Inflammation in the body is a sign of damage – your cells and tissues are fighting off toxins, allergens, or things that shouldn’t be there. Your body is struggling to right the ship.
    • But what causes inflammation? Sometimes it’s a response to an injury or an allergen. But often, it’s from not eating healthy, not getting enough exercise, or having too much stress.
    • Short term, inflammation can lead to soreness and swelling in joints and muscles, creating minor aches and pains.**
    • Long term, chronic inflammation can activate your body’s inflammatory response where it starts damaging healthy cells, tissues, and organs.**
    • Inflama Relief is a blend of 15 whole herbs with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the body, help reduce inflammation response, and help the body heal.*
    • This 100% natural and drug-free supplement helps soothe minor aches and pains – in the back, hands, joints, muscles. Also helps the body recover from repetitive motion stress.*
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