• Ivy Leaf Cough Drops-Herbion Naturals 25 Drops


    Herbion Ivy Leaf Cough Drops are made with a unique blend of premium quality extracts which give a synergistic soothing effect. These cough suppressants provide temporary comfort from cough, sore throat and blocked nasal passages.

    The menthol in the herbal drops calms throat irritation and eases nasal congestion. This vital demulcent also contains Licorice which soothes mucous membranes and relieves sore, scratchy, irritated and dry throat.

    Thyme in this mixture is abundant in cough-suppressant compounds. It further reduces inflammation in the throat, which is commonly experienced by those who cough frequently.

    Ivy leaf in this expectorant contains abundant saponins which eliminate productive cough by thinning out mucus, enabling it to be coughed up with ease. Our herbal expectorant comes in a honey and lemon flavor, which tastes fantastic.