• Mood Lift 60 Vegetarian Caps-Crystal Star


    Brighten Your Mood And Lift Your Spirits With St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha And American Ginseng.*

    • Feeling blah? These days, so many of us feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or downright exhausted.
    • If you’re feeling blue, there are all-natural ways to help improve your mood and perk up your mental focus so you take on the day with renewed spirit.
    • Our Mood Lift contains a balance of 11 whole herbs, specially blended to help you feel good again and regain a sunnier, more proactive outlook.*
    • With St. John’s Worth and Ashwagandha Root to help balance serotonin levels and support normal cortisol levels.*
    • With American Skullcap Leaf and Rosemary Leaf to help relax the mind and body, also helping to improve feelings of melancholy.*
    • Note: Do not combine with prescribed depression or anti-anxiety medicines.