• Natural Teeth Whitening Tray + Dual LED-Dr Brite Naturals


    • Convenient & Travel-Friendly: Do you want polished teeth without dirty, yellow stains? Dr. Brite is the solution! Our tooth whitening kit with whitening gel & a brightening pen makes it simple to brighten your teeth on-the-go. Grab one today and brighten your teeth at any time, any place.
    • Teeth Health on Point: Acidic foods and drinks, wear away your teeth's white enamel coating. Soft drinks are exceptionally acidic and can wear down your teeth's protective outer layer. With the professional teeth whitening kit, you can remove coffee, wine, and yellow stains as well as dark areas and hard surface stains. You will be one step closer to a long-lasting bright white smile.
    • The Whitening & Brightening Rule: The whitening gel with a dual-LED tray light & brightening pen is amazingly simple to utilize. Start with the pre-filled dual-LED whitening booster tray for noticeably whiter teeth after a 15-min session. Follow up with our brush head and swipe gel evenly across visible teeth. Then, rub the gel into each tooth and hold the smile for 2 minutes. Afterward, you'll be happier to see 2-5 shades of whiter teeth!
    • Teeth Brightening with Led Light: Whiten your teeth quickly and easily. The fantastic LED light of the whitening kit produces more power and quickens the teeth whitening process. You can begin flaunting your great pearly whites even faster than before!
    • Professional Quality with No Sensitivity: Continue flaunting your priceless smile without the pain! You can enjoy a five shade, brighter natural smile with our whitening kit. A perfect at-home solution for premium quality whitening also for sensitive teeth. You can now skip the dentist and avoid the costly and harsh chemical whitening treatments.