• Pet So Fresh & Clean Unscented Gift Set 3 Pc-Pampered Pets


    Gentle Shampoo

    Keep your pet fresh and clean with this gentle shampoo. The sulfate-free formula washes away dirt and odors without disrupting your pet’s natural oils. Beneficial botanicals soothe itchy skin and control dander so there’s less scratching from your fresh-smelling buddy.

    Nourishing Conditioner

    This softening conditioner helps replenish dry skin and coats it with soothing beneficial botanicals. The natural formula gently detangles as it delivers nourishment to both skin and fur, leaving your pet smooth, silky, and itch-free.

    Replenishing Shine Spray

    Specifically formulated for dry coats, this moisturizing shine spray helps protect and replenish your pet’s natural oils. Beneficial botanicals help soften fur, soothe itchy skin, and counteract stinky odors.