• Sai Baba Incense



    • Hand Rolled Incense Sticks: To offer fine quality with every incense stick you lighten up, these incense sticks are hand rolled to deliver handmade uniqueness
    • Natural Incense Sticks: These incense sticks are made using natural extracts and does not contain any animal fat, making them environment friendly
    • Evokes Positivity: These incense sticks will diffuse relaxing aroma that would purify any area by eliminating negative energies and evoking positive vibes, making them suitable for any home or office area
    • Long Burning: The unusual way of preparation of these agarbattis make them unique and they burn longer as compared to other incense sticks
    • Aids Meditation: With the strong aroma that these incense sticks diffuse, it helps in gaining focus and clarity while practicing yoga or meditation

    Details: Satya sai baba nag champa agarbatti is traditional Indian incense that is popular for its fine quality and superior performance. These incense sticks are hand rolled to offer you fine long lasting fragrance. The process of making handmade agarbatti includes preparation of dough by mixing extremely perfumed natural ingredients into a paste mode and hand rolling it bamboo sticks by hand. This is further combined with the masala mix. To provide you environmental friendly products, natural extracts are used in the preparation and no animal fats are used in the production. This uncommon way of preparation, makes the incense sticks long burning. The smoke diffused does not contain any harmful gases like benzene and toluene, making them safe for health. These premium hand rolled agarbatti are popularly used as a room freshener and for yoga and meditation purposes. Lighting of agarbatti diffuses soothing aroma and is said to eliminate stress, uplift mood and purify surroundings.