Soft Baby Gift Set 3 PC-Hug More Baby Co


Everything a parent needs to keep a baby's sensitive skin soft and rash-free.


Gentle Touch Diaper Cream

Designed to soothe irritated baby bums, this natural formula helps prevent and heal diaper rash. Plant based moisturizers like Avocado Oil, Chamomile & Oatmeal calm angry skin while creating a nurturing shield that keeps diaper wetness away from chafed areas.

Gentle Baby Oil

Free of fragrance and harsh ingredients, this natural baby oil sinks in quickly and instantly calms skin. As it softens and soothes, the oil creates a protective barrier that prevents chapping and sensitivity.

Soft & Soothing Lotion

Thoughtfully designed for baby’s ultra- sensitive skin, this natural and unscented body lotion protects and comforts like a hug. Shea butter and calming chamomile oil work together to moisturize, prevent irritation, and soothe redness. Plant-powered hydrators keep baby’s skin smooth, soft, and ready for kisses