• Headache Relief-Dr King’s Natural Medicine



    For temporary relief of various types of headache, such as: throbbing, splitting, tight, dull, sick, bursting, sinus, congestive, migraine, occipital, morning headache, band feeling around the head, sun headache.


    “I have never had such a fast recovery from ocular migraines.” I had an ocular migraine come on, which began with nausea and blocked my vision with a sick headache. I was near a health food store and they recommended your product Dr. King’s Migraine Relief™. I was not sure if I would make it home before I got sick or lost all of my vision, so I quickly opened the package in the parking lot and sprayed it into my mouth. I was hoping to get home before losing my vision. To my surprise and extreme joy, by the time I got home the vision blocking had disappeared and my nausea was gone. I was able to do my computer work without any problems. I have never had such a fast recovery from ocular migraines. I am recommending your product to everyone. M. Adams, OH