• YeastMax 2 Part-Advanced Naturals


    YeastMax - 2-Part Kit from Advanced Naturals™ contains natural ingredients that may support the balance of intestinal yeast. A healthy digestive system is essential for maintaining proper levels of yeast in the intestines and there are many factors that could impact the yeast levels‚ like high sugar content in the diet‚ medicines‚ or even stress. 

    This special ‘Candida Cleansing’ kit from Advanced Naturals™ contains herbs and other components that could inhibit the overgrowth of yeast in the system‚ and detoxify the body. It could also help maintain a healthy balance of flora (healthy microorganisms) in the body. The undecylenic and caprylic acids in the blend might also support the levels of flora in the gut. The 16 ingredients in the mix are provided in a 2-part kit‚ including vegetable capsules and a tincture. 

    Magnesium may maintain balance and cope with stress. While the herb uva ursi may reduce bacteria in the urine‚ it could also lessen inflammation. Barberry could reduce inflammation‚ while the garlic bulbs could prevent or reverse bacterial and fungal infections. 

    YeastMax - 2-Part Kit from Advanced Naturals™ contains no binders or fillers and may support the health of the urinary tract.